These Bollywood Stars Reimagined In Hollywood Movies Make Perfect Sense..!!

Concept And Designs : Vijay Kumar 

With so many movies being remade from Hollywood to Bollywood, there has always been a fusion reaction of the probably the two biggest movie industries in the world. This culture has been given the fillip by the latest trend of criss cross casting, ergo Deepika in Xander Cage, Priyanka Chopra in Baywatch and Marvel’s Academy and if rumour mills are to be believed Wasseypur girl, Huma Qureshi might actually go on to have her worldwide debut with Mummy reboot. It was only imperative for us have the What If situation where we started reimagined Our bollywood superstars in these iconic Hollywood movies.

A. Varun Dhawan And Kapil Sharma :

India’s greatest comedy star in place of Jonah Hill, and Varun Dhawan in for Channing Tatum, in this undercover college grad comedy caper makes super sense no. Considering the fact that Kapil has to infuse some cuss words and Varun being action hero already.


B. Aamir Khan In Bridge Of Spies :

Think of this, a gripping political period drama, carried wonderfully by Tom Hanks, can only be perfectly remade if Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan drew breath in it. Needless to say Khan is someone who has always expressed interest in political thematics.


C. Randeep Hooda In 12 Years A Slave :

Yeah, we got lazy here. We were left soul stirred with his performance in the recent trailer of Sarabjit. The way he exuded raw and gory suffering through a decade arc of being wrongfully imprisoned, was our inspiration behind casting him for the academy award winning period movie of racial discrimination.



D. Alia Bhatt In Confessions Of A Shopaholic :

Doesn’t it feel right. Give the petite girl her chance to indulge in some high profile shopping ecstasy. We want her to go free ( don’t know what she’s doing in Make My Trip ) and rock in roll in pink pulp fiction. Go for it Yo..!!


E. Salman Khan In And As Terminator :

The Sultan bhaijaan has the muscular epiphany to pull off Terminator with all the technological AI action movie. A role made iconic by Arnold Schwarzenegger would find the perfect match in Salman Bhai in every perfect way.


F. Hrithik Roshan As Leonidas Of 300 :

The greek god of Bollywood as the eccentric bravado commander of 300 spartans is totally match found. Now all is left for us to do is imagine Hrithik in those slo-mo VFX laded fight sequences will all the flying blood and raw power.


G. Priyanka Chopra As Tomb Raider :

Do I have an issue with Alicia Vikander being chosen for the iconic pc gaming heroine, Tomb Raider? May be, maybe not, who knows. But what I do dig, is Ms Chopra as the swash buckling double barrel wielding heroine. I mean come on, that’s all she’s left to do technically, lead in an adaptation of a video game.


H. Deepika And Ranveer In Me Before You :

Well we searched for the most romantic film this year to hit the Hollywood movie screens this year, and zeroed upon Emilia Clarke starrer Me Before You and then we knew we had something. The most adored couple of India in the best seller based movie which is yet to release and touch your heart.


I . Ranbir Kapoor As The Martian :

I’m very inclined to crack a joke on this one ( something that goes like, Deepika found Ranveer and RK left the earth sort of ) but yeah whatever. Ranbir Kapoor has the grit and stamina to pull off Matt Damon’s Mark Whatney in Golden Globe winning picture The Martian.


J. Shah Rukh Khan In Mission Impossible Rogue Nation :

The King Khan of Bollywood is IMP world wide rogue agent Ethan Hunt in this recreation. Even through the ages, SRK has inadvertently been paralleled with Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and therefore it makes sense to have him crawl up on Burj Khalifa with stick gloves. Hell Yeah..!!


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