These Foreigner’s Reactions After Watching RRR Shows, Why Rajamouli Is The GOD Of Cinema

Patrick (H) Willems, ee YouTuber telusaa! He talks about world cinema & he makes detailed videos of everything about Cinema. Nenu last 4 months nunchi follow avutunna, ninna sudden ga athani channel lo RRR meedha chesina video kanapadindi, anthe I felt shock and literal happiness. RRR has crossed boundaries and foreigners are making videos about the greatness of RRR, and then ee Youtube video kinda comments ni chustu scroll chestu poya, literally goosebumps asalu, all the foreigners loved RRR like anything.

RRR Pan-India ante inka bagodhu, RRR is Pan-World guru. Rajamouli you’re the GoD of Cinema.

Aa video kinda chusina konni goosebumps comments ikkada share chestunna, have a goosebumps day. Jai Jakkanna, Jai RRR..

Patrick (H) Willems video about RRR

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