These Interviews Of Director Of The Masses PRASHANTH NEEL Are Honest & Motivating To Watch

One of India’s top most director, only 3 films tho India ni motham shake chesadu, India enti present world ni motham shake chestunnadu. Chinna success la ke we do too much kadha, antha pedda blockbusters kotti ithanu ento antha calm ga inka nenu emi peekaledu antadu. Aina teesina movies kanna, aina ichina interviews lo aina honesty inka mass asalu, ekkada ey extra ledu, elevations levu interviews lo he is straight to the point, he is honest, he is brutal, he knows what he want, ee clarity ne manshulaki kavalsindi, idi unte chalu enni kastalu vachina life lo elano okati set aipotham. So be like Prashanth Neel. Let’s learn from him and Prashanth Neel thanks for KGF and double thanks for all the honest & motivating interviews you’ve given.

1. Prashanth Neel Interview With Baradwaj Rangan

Prashanth Neel is brutally honest. Respect to his ambition and honesty.

2. Prashanth Neel Interview With Kairam Vaashi

One of the best interviews of Prashanth Neel

3. Prashanth Neel Interview With Anushree

Don’t listen to the Film Industry. They are not the judge.

4. KGF Chapter 2 – Toofani Interview | Rocking Star Yash & Prashanth Neel

5. Yash and Prashanth Neel Interview with Anupama Chopra

6. Prashanth Neel Interview / Kannada

7. 10 Questions With Prashanth Neel

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