5 Legendary Story Tellers of Telugu Film Industry


In spite of budgets, technology and mega-release functions, if there is one factor that a film entirely hinges on, it is the story. Throughout the history of Telugu cinema, stories have driven the industry more than anything else.

Let’s have a look at the greatest storytellers in Telugu cinema – gentlemen who weave dreams in their minds put them down on paper, and convert them into silver screen fantasies.

1.Tripuraneni Maharadhi:story tellersHe is considered as a scholar and legend in the Telugu Film Industry. He had total command over the script and no director had the guts to alter what he wrote. Such was the authority that his script carried. His work for Alluri Sitaramaraju is still remembered as a near-perfect classic, which was personally asked by NTR for him. But, his prior commitment to Krishna made him gently refuse it. He was the brain behind the initiative for a regional political party. He is known for his prediction on unseen circumstances. He invented a medicine for diabetes, Madhumaha Sanjeevani, which was famous among the film fraternity. He wrote Marana Shasanam, one year before his demise, predicting the exact time and date of his death.

2.Pingali Nagendra Rao:story tellersPingali started off as a playwright, poet and lyricist. He is famous for his romantic and witty lyrics. He gave us classics like Mayabazar, Pathala Bhairavi, Missamma and many others. His creative writing is shown through expanding Telugu literature and using common man’s language in telling mythological stories with a pinch of needed fiction to it. His play with words in lyrics and his dialogues is something that came to him with ease. 
Aaduvaari maatalaku ardhaale veerule…, Laahiri laahiri laahiriloo, Ohoo Jagamee Voogenugaa, Vivaha Bojanambhu vinthaiyna vantakammu… are some of his epic contributions.

3.Mullapudi Venkata Ramana:story tellersRamana has a hilarious style of penning down basic, next-door issues. It got more artistic when his combination with his school friend Bapu struck the right chords. His common man characters like Gopalam, Contractor (Muthyala Muggu), Tutti (Mr.Pellam) will be remembered as long as there is Telugu cinema. His middle-class issues narrated in a funny way were written in the form of a book Katha Oamaneeyam, which were later converted into many movies. His Sampoorna Ramayanam won him great applauds. Apart from dealing with daily societal issues, his funny touch to it was the reason people could see themselves in those characters and yet laugh at them. 

4.Jandhyala:story tellersWe know him as the ‘Haasya Brahma’ for creating mainstream comedy movies. His earlier works included Adavi Ramudu, Shankara Bharanam, Sagara Sangamam, after which he even took up direction. But his great script work which is shown in all his movies from Padamati Sandhya Raagam, Aha Naa Pellanta to Aditya 369 provide us with an encyclopedia for creative and witty writing. Like he believed in crisp and simple dialogues, he carved a niche for himself with his comedy and situations.

5.Paruchuri Brothers:story tellersThis duo is even now famously known for the commercial and masala elements they carry all through their movies, apart from some thought-provoking dialogues. Their initial works included Chiranjeevi’s game changer Khaidi which was the Telugu masala version of First BloodAgniparvatham, Bobbili Brahmanna and Donga gave them instant recognition and established them firmly in the domain of writing.  

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