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These Out Of The Box Short & Indie Films From Our Telugu Youth Shows That ‘Our Future Is Exciting’

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Ee madhya content antha bore kottesi mana Telugu yuvatha emana different ga at least short films lo aina try chestunnara ani search chesa… Ala aa search lo I found some gems, ee short films chala different & unique narrative approach tho untai, one thing for sure the following short films by our Telugu youth are completely out of the box. Ilanti short films chusaka ekkado edo happiness, future is going to be bright indeed… All the best boys, break the barriers

Take a look at this completely out of the box films by our Telugu youth

1. DVA

2. #ThappuoppulaThippalu

3. Solitude

4. Narudi Brathuku Natana

5. Arcane

6. Just Words

7. Budidalo Posina Pannerula

8. The Countdown

9. Vaitarani

10. Untitled Pranay Che Project

Suggest more creative & unique Telugu short films in the comments

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