These Points By MS.Dhoni Prove Why He Is Captain Cool


He captains a country that treats cricket like a religion. A religion which has a few selected Gods, and Dhoni is defintely one of them. The world’s finest finisher of the game and one of the quickest keepers behind the wicket, he is a man and a player beyond any. He has won a World Cup by hitting a six, he has won another by trusting a hitherto unknown player. He captains, bats and keeps, in all 3 formats, for club and country. And when he’s not playing for either, he plays for India Cements; and there too, he captains, bats and keeps wickets. Let’s just say, this guy loves cricket. It doesn’t end there; cricket likes him too. He has conquered the world in T20s and ODIs and, under him, India have ruled Test cricket for two years.

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