Things boys do when they are sick


One should accept that sometimes boys turn into completely helpless when they are sick, but girls follow the same routine, even though she is sick. Take a look at this article to find how boys behave when they are sick.

1. They feel more pressure1sickboysThey feel more pressure on these days. Even though they have minor cold, they act like Ebola.

2. Act like bigger baby2sickboysThey want someone to completely care of them. They don’t even take cold medicines without somone’s help.

3. Sometimes they over react3sickboysThey start searching on internet, whether it is just cold and over react.

4. They want their mom beside them4sickboysWhatever the age, when boys are sick they call their mom and ask her to come to his place.

5. They turn into completely helpless5sickboysThey won’t take a bath and don’t want to speak to anyone.

6. Overthinking6sickboysThey call their friends and seriously discuss they have some severe health issue.