8 Things couples who have great communication will relate to


To keep up a relationship, iddaru equal efforts pettali. Kani andaru ankunnantha kashtam pani em kadu. Communication sarigga unte things will remain flawless. Alanti couples will relate to these things.

1. They know us in and out and do not use statements like, she/he always….because mana mood changes gurinchi sargga telsu.1.-They-know-us-in-and
2. Manaki elanti problems una they know how to deal with us2.-Manaki-elanti-problems
3. Both of them know how to prioritize things and feelings. Deniki entha importance ivvalo baaga telsu.3.-Both-of-them-know
4. Honesty is everything they live on4.-Honesty-is-everything-they-live-on
5. Silence lo kuda chaala ardham cheskogaltharu.5.-Silence-lo-kuda-chaala
6. Past lo jarigina things ni kakunda present lo happy undela move autharu6.-Past-lo-jarigina-things
7. Passwords telsina telvakapoina kuda…it doesn’t matter to them. Trust is the key ikkada.7.-Passwords-telsina-telvakapoina
8. Evaru em ankuntaru ani aalochincharu as long as both of them are happy8.-Evaru-em-ankuntaru