12 Things every girl who loves beauty products will relate to


Make up is not faking us up. It is all about enhancing our looks. There are many girls who love beauty products a lot. And these girls ki ee article ankitham.

1. We apply beauty products don’t mean we aren’t beautiful, it just means we love using them. Chaala people ki idi digest cheskovadam kuda raadhu.1

2. We hate makeup-women jokes that come as forwards on whatsapp. And evaranna navvithe, vaallani narikeyyalantha kopam osthadi.2

3. We follow, on facebook and twitter and everywhere else on social media, different beauty brands and we know the tiniest detail about all of them.3

4. When our lipstick is over and we find this out just before a party, it feels like the end of the world.4.-When-our-lipstick

5. Whenever we go to a mall, we look for beauty brand stores and then anything else.5.--mall,

6. When our favorite product discontinues in market, we feel like breaking the wall apart!6-product-discontinues

7. And is any of them in your family or friends need a makeup, you run out with the marvelous make up kit of yours and do everything to impress them.7-family-or-friends

8. We try to hit perfection all the tutorials that come up over internet.8.-We-try-to-hit-perfection

9. We have equal concentration on skincare and so we do not care to listen to people who try to educate us on this.9.-concentration-on-skincare

10. We know the kind of makeup for every occasion.10-every-occasion.

11. Some people talk philosophy about loving yourself the way you are and hence shouldn’t prefer make up. We love ourselves too much and hence we love to enhance our beautiful faces tooooo11.-Some-people-talk-philosophy-about

12. Your make up collection is just out of the world!12.-Your-make-up-collection