Things Every Indian Teacher Said And How We Reacted

While dropping out of college has become a bragging point today, there was no option of dropping school. So we went about the motions, evading and escaping teachers in the seven hours we spent at school.

Over the years, most of the teachers repeated their lines, and our reactions to them were always the same. This Teachers’ Day, let’s have a look at the most common sayings by teachers, and our reactions to them.

1.Why are you laughing? tell me the joke I’ll also laugh1 - why are you laughing

The Class Immediately swallows their giggles and looks straight

2.Is this the classroom or a Fish market?2 - is this c;lassroom

We cant buy fish without smiling

3.Is this why your parents sent you to school?3 - is thi why

we thought about parents and guilt made us behave..for like a minute max..

4.Stand up on the Bench4 - standup on the bench

The guy would be laughed at, Our first exposure to stand up comedy

5.Who ever sleeps i’ll send you out of the class5 - send you out

We adjusted our position behind the person in front of us and dozed off! yes You! Why are you looking back?6 - why are you lokking back

Everybody in the class turns and looks back even the last bencher

7.See how quiet the Girls are. Boys are useless7 - boys

We silently looked at our crush and smiled

8.If you don’t do your Home work Dont show your face tomorrow8 - home work

Two owrds – Before Assembly

9.Come to the principal9 - principal

Game Over

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