Things Every Music Lover Will Definitely Relate To


Music ni istapadani vallu undaru. Kontamandiki love songs istam, kontamandiki mass songs istam. It is true that mana tensions ni stress ni sadness ni annetini fix cheyagaligina oke manchi medicine. Music leni life imagine cheskodam kuda kastame. So, here are sharing things that every music lover relate to:

1. You don’t restrict yourself to genres. Mass aina class aina love aina break up aina, as long as beats are good and lyrics bagunte inka we love to listen to it. 1.-You-don't-restrict-yourself-to-genres.
2. Me degara me life lo jarige prati situation ki sync ayye oka song untadi. 2.-Me-degara-me-life
3. For you, the perfect partner would be someone who shares a similar taste in music. 3.-For-you,-the-perfect
4. Me mobile alarm ki normal tunes Kakunda, you set your favorite song. 4.-Me-mobile-alarm-ki
5. Meku oka song nachite, you will listen to it on repeat until you find a new song to obsess about.5.-Meku-oka-song-nachite
6. Headphone untey chaly, you tend to forget about the world around you. Nothing is important for you than the song. 6.-Headphone-untey-chaly
7. You prefer to attend live bands than watching a movie at a theater. 7.-You-prefer-to-attend-live
8. Meku music ante istam leni valato asalu matladaru. You hate them the most.8.-Meku-music-ante-istam
9. Me degara 80’s and 90’s songs list kuda untayi. Endukantey songs ki expiry date and you strongly believe it.9.-Me-degara-80's-and-90's