6 Things every Voter needs to know about NOTA


Last year September lo Supreme court final ga voters valaki e candidate nachakapotey NOTA ane option use cheyochu, which means none of the above annamata. The court even directed the Election Commission to have this option ‘None Of The Above’ (NOTA) on EVMs and ballot papers. Recent ga Vijay Devarakonda deni medhe oka movie kuda chestuna and announced it as the title. Now, here we are going to share the things that every voter should know about NOTA.

1. Electronic Voting Machines ki candidates list tarvata we can see this NOTA option. First lo if you want to cast a negative ballot, presiding officer evaraitey akada untaro, valani inform cheyali, but NOTA ki a officer involvement avasaram ledu.nota

2. Last year, five states ki assembly elections jariginapudu e NOTA ni introduce chesaru and more than 15 lakh people a option ni use chesaru.nota

3. NOTA option rakamundu, people evariki aitey, list lo unna e okka candidate nachaledo, valu oka separate paper ballot meda vala names enter cheyalsivachedi and idi Section 49 (O) kindaku vachedi, but NOTA made it very easy now.nota

4. E NOTA valla peddaga use lekapoyina sare SC enduku introduce chesindi antey, to encourage people to express their opinion and reject any candidate, whom they don’t like. Right to vote anedi elegaitey oka statuatory right oh alage e Right to reject a candidate anedi kuda antey powerful one. Denivalla clean politicians mana government lo undali ani court bavinchindi.nota

5. Section 49(O) and NOTA ki difference entante, enduku oka candidate ni reject chesaro Section 49 (O) dwara voters separate ballot lo rasinadani batti telutadi, but NOTA lo a chance undadu.nota

6. NOTA chala countries lo use chestunaru. Like Colombia, Ukraine, Brazil, Bangladesh, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Chile, France, Belgium and Greece. US lo kuda few cases lo denni use chestaru.6 - countries