Things girls hate, when boyfriends do


Well, it is a known fact that every boyfriend in the world, most of the time complains about his girlfriend. Ammailu eppudu ela react avtaru, asalu em chestaru? Epudu relation lo valu avi cheste nachavu ivi chestey nachavu ani complaint chese abbailu, come here. This one is especially for you all. They say, girls truly don’t know what they want. But have you ever try to find out what they hate? Yes, today, we are going to discuss the things she hates, when her boyfriend does them.

Abbailu inkenduku alasyam o look itu veyandi.

1. Don’t flirt with other girls

A big no to this. Some boys try to make his girl possessive wantedly, but it is not a safe game all the time. Because, girls hate it the most when you flirt with other girls.1Things-girls-hate

2. Don’t ignore your girl’s calls or texts

Yes, epudu etti paristitullo, me girl friends calls ignore cheyandi. Chesaro, well world war 3 face cheyadaniki ready ga undandi mari. Even if you are busy, at least put a message and let her know about it.2Things-girls-hate

3. Don’t let other people, even your family members be disrespectful to her

Yes, you should always stand up for her, if anyone of your friends or family tries to disrespect, don’t let them do that.3Things-girls-hate

PS: Ammailaku self respect chala ekkuvandi babu, gurtunchukondi.

4. Don’t change plans suddenly

We do understand, konni sarlu professional commitments vala, meru me girlfriends to cheskuna plans cancel chestaru. But please be mindful. Try to ask her polite. Never try to shout during this kind of situations.4Things-girls-hate

5. Don’t give other girls your clothes

Girls never like you to offer your clothes to other girls, because they are the only allowed to steal your clothes. Next time, don’t forget to take her permission while doing this.5Things-girls-hate

6. Don’t tell her, ‘It’s none of your business.’

If you do so, then be ready to face the further consequences. Meru kopam lo unna sare, epudu e sentence matram use cheyakandi. Girls hate it to the core.6Things-girls-hate

7. Don’t ignore her when she is telling something

Usually, girls want to share everything with their boyfriends. So, when they are doing so, don’t ignore them. If you do so, then they will tear you to pieces.7Things-girls-hate

8. Don’t be a social media addict

Ammailu pakkana unnapudu try to talk with them. Ala kakunda meru e Facebook or Twitter or Instagram chustu unaro, tarvata me istam.8Things-girls-hate

Abbo, inka cheppukuntu pothey chala unayandi. But ivi baga important annamata. So, to maintain a healthy and romantic relationship with your girl, be a smart boyfriend and avoid doing these things.