8 Things Best Friends In Long Distance Relationship Relate To


Best friends are the one who knows everything about each other and held your hand in all highs and lows of life. Either because of careers or personal life, sometimes we are forced to stay away. It is one of the hardest situation that you have ever faced. For quite some period, long distance relationship is fun, but trust me, it hurts you a lot when she/he is not there with you at the end of the day. So, if your best friend is staying miles away from you, then you will surely relate to these things.

1. You are completely broken when they moved to a new city or country, which is miles away from your place.1Long-Distance-Relationship

2. You started appreciating the technology and its developments.2Long-Distance-Relationship

3. The things you hate are the power cuts and slow internet.3Long-Distance-Relationship

4. You will develop a habit of sharing what you both are doing all the time4Long-Distance-Relationship

5. Suddenly, you start crying when you remember the days you both spend together5Long-Distance-Relationship

6. You get jealous when she post images with their new friends.6Long-Distance-Relationship

7. You spend most of your time in watching all your pictures, gifts you both share and videos7Long-Distance-Relationship

8. When they finally come back, that is the best moment for you8Long-Distance-Relationship