Things One Should Not Miss Doing At Charminar’s Night Bazaar During Ramadan

Ramzan – Muslims holy festival season is here. Ee season vachindi anagane Haleem, Hyderabadi, Afghani & Mughlai food recipes tho streets motham busy busy aipothayi. Not only food but day antha fasting undi busy unde muslims kosam city lo chala places lo night bazaars open untayi.

Hyd motham lo unde Night bazaars lo Charminar street lo unde night bazaar chala famous and people do visit in huge numbers here. Street vendors, shops, lighting chuttu janalu abbo old city ambience eh veru.

Especially muslims kosame unde night bazaar ki other people kuda visit chestuntaru. Only because ikkada dorike dress materials, bangles, jewelry, food and many more to explore this festive season.

1. Bangles shopping at Laad Bazaar

Bangles shopping

Charminar ante ladies ki first gurthochedi pakkana unde Laad Bazaar. Wide range of popular bangles ki idi chala famous and one should definitely shop for bangles and other jewellery.

2. Attar Perfumes

Attar Perfumes

Attar or Ittar kind of perfumes used by muslims ikkada dorukuthayi. Historic importance unna Persian and Arabian variety perfumes ikkada dorukuthayi.

3. Sip of Irani Chai at Nimrah Cafe & Bakery

Chai at Nimrah Cafe & Bakery

Irani chai ante istama? Then you must taste irani chai and other hyderabadi snacks at Nimrah Hotel beside Charminar.

4. Sarees and other dress materials for Ladies

4 - sareed

Ladies shopping antene pedda chain process. Ika Charminar area lo unna shops lo ladies ki kavalsina sarees and dress material options chala bulk ga untayi. Enduku late velllipondi inka.

5. Kurta Pyjama, Taqiyah (Islam Prayer Caps) and many more shopping options for Men

Kurta Pyjama

Shopping ante only ladies eh kadu mana gents ki kuda untayi. Yes, Charminar streets mottham occupy chesi unde shops lo muslim mens ki kavalsina Kurta Pyajama, Taqiyah (Islam Prayer Caps), Attar tho migathavi kuda untayi. Not only for muslims but hindus ki kuda ethnic wear material, Nehru jacket, wedding collections lo chala options untayi.

6. Dosa, Samosa to Haleem & Biryani varaku full of street food !

Haleem & Biryani

Shopping chesthu chesthu akalesthe tindaniki chala options untayi. Indulo dosa, Samosa nundi start chesthe Haleem and Biryani varaku tinevalaki tinna antha.

7. Ek Selfie tho bantha hein !


Busy streets, lighting crowd viti anniti madhyalo Charminar a night atmosphere and ambience eh veru. Mari ilanti ambience lo oka selfie definitely happens.

What are you waiting for explore night bazaar at Charminar Now !

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