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Things Only A Momma’s Boy Will Relate To


Intlo both the parents are our favorites. There is one of them who is attached to us with the souls. It is so stereotypic that the boy is thoroughly attached to the mother. Ilanti mummy’s boy’s ki ee article ankitam.

1. No matter where you are or how long you are out of the home, you and your mom are constantly in touch.

2. She sends you pictures of everywhere she goes and the same with you.
3. Your mom gives you countless kisses every day.

4. Neeku ishtamaina food cheshnapudu, no matter what you should be the first one to eat it.

5. Your mom ni ne valla proud cheyyadam is your only aim in life.

6. Neeku girlfriend unte she should be just like your mom. And ni mom ki nachina person is your girlfriend.

7. Nu entha monkey things cheshna kuda your mom will always be there to support you.

8. Your mom tho you share everything.

9. Your mom cries like another tsunami if you leave anywhere without her being with you.

10. Manam eh decision teeskunna kuda, mummy tho one big discussion pettalsinde.

11. No matter how grown up you are, you love to irritate your mother.

12. Ni mother gurinchi evarina okkka maata tappu ga ante…next birthday undadu vaadiki.

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