Things only freelancers will relate to


Freelancing anedi vinadaniki chala baguntadi, but it is not an easy task at all. Manaki nachina place lo undi pani cheyochu and dani advantages unna, sare you need to sacrifice few things and job security undadu and life complete change apotadi. So, here we are sharing few things that every freelancer will relate to:

1.Andaru anukunatu, freelancers ki everyday holiday aasalu kaadu. Normal job kante ekuva deadlines untayi and pay kuda ekuva undadu, so we need to struggle and we even don’t have fixed timings. freelancers2.Dealings with clients is one hell out of task. Kontamandi pay sariga ivvaru, kontamandi takuva pay chestam antaru and inkotamandini asalu project approval kosam convince cheyadame kastam. freelancers3.Asalu oka job ni quit chesi, freelancing take up cheyadam is not at all an easy task. Chala risky thing annamata. freelancers4.Marketing yourself and your business is a constant struggle. Idi never-ending process annamata. freelancers

5.Epudu we have to keep on chasing money. Endukante manadi monthly job kaadu kaabati. freelancers6.Traveling lo kuda ela job cheyalu we need to learn and train lo bus lo work chestu undadam alavatu cheseskuntam manam. freelancers7.There is no need to stay in the office the whole day. You can work from wherever you want. freelancers8.Every day, you have to motivate yourself. Keeping yourself inspired is an everyday task.freelancers