9 Things Only ‘Maaku Vanta Raadhu’ Batch Can Relate To

Chaala mandhiki intlo amma eppudu vandipettadam vallo, leka hostel lo undatam vallo, vantanerchukune chance raadu. Alaa vanta raaani vaallu relate aye common things chuseddam…

1. Maggi is our savior.

10.people who can’t cookHungry : Make magi

Want to eat something delicious : Make Maggi

Cannot order online : Make Maggi

Edhi vacchina raakapoyina, any one can cook off magi easily.

2. When they try to cook anything


3. Maggi kaakunda omlet laantivi edyna try cheddam anukute maatram..

7.people who can’t cook

4. They can literally set the kitchen into fire..

6.people who can’t cook

5. Instant food always comes to their rescue

9.people who can’t cook

6. Ordering food on online is their routine thing

4.people who can’t cook

7. Their fridge is always empty.

3.people who can’t cook

8. They would always be craving home food.

2.people who can’t cook

9. Learning from youtube on how to cook

1.people who can’t cookTag your friend who doesn’t know how to cook in the comments section and let us know the thing that you most related to.

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