8 Things Only People Born On Feb 29th (Leap Day) Can Understand And Relate To

4 Years ki okasari matrame vacche Feb 29 date chala special. Ee day ni Leap Day and ee date vacchina year ni leap year day antaru. So, that evaraina Feb 29 borns unte vallu 4 years ki okasari birthday celebrate chesukuntaru.

Ivi matarmae kadu Feb 29 born people…ki ee day enduku special oo inka chala reasons unnayi avento once chuseddam padandi.

1. Feb 29 borns are called as Leaplings

Leap Day 29 FebFebruary 29 borns are called leaplings, and ila ee date roju puttina vallani separate ga ‘leaplings’ antaru. Only leaplings ane kadu ‘leapers’ or ‘leapsters ani kuda antaru. So mee gang lo Feb 29 borns unte vallani ilane pilvandi.

2. They are very rare and unique

Leap Day 29 FebMeeku telusa average ga 1461 members lo oka February 29 born matrame untaru ante almost 0.68 ration anamata. Whole world mottham lo ila unde leaplings count only 5 Million matrame untaru andhuke villu chala rare and unique anamata.

3. They celebrate their legal birthday every 4 years !

BirthdayMana anadari laga villu every year birthday celebrate chesukoru. Years ko okasari vacche Feb 29 roju matarame legal birthday celebrate chesukuntaru. Mee andari laga memu chala special maa birthdays 3 years ki okasari celebrate chesukuntamu anedi mana leaplings feeling.

4. Leaplings 100th birthday is their 25th one technically !

Leap Day 29 FebYes, because four year ki okasari celebrate chesukuntaru kabatti villa slow ga age avtuntaru..LOL ! And you know one american lady named Daisy Belle Ward celebrated her 100th birthday as 25th one in 2016.

5. Some leaplings won’t wait for 4 years and they celebrate birthdays on !

Leap Day 29 FebAa 4 years varaku avadu aguthadu le….ani some leaplings celebrate their birthdays on February 28th and March 1st respectively.

6. Leapling who was born and died on February 29

Leap Day 29 FebHey leaplings meeku telusa ‘Sir James Milne Wilson’ the Premier of Tasmania was born and died on February 29, 1812 and died on February 29, 1880 andhuke iyana ni ‘Gold Star Leapling’ antaru.

7. The Three Siblings from the same family are leaplings.

Leap Day 29 FebKarin and Henry Henriksen ee couple ki mugguru pillalu puttaru adi kuda andaru leap days roje. Heidi, the eldest was born on February 29, 1960. Olav, the next, was born February 29, 1964. And Leif-Martin, the youngest, was born February 29, 1968. And they hold the Guinness World Record for this rare feat.

8. Show-Off Celebrity birthdays on Leap Year Day !

Leap Day 29 FebVacchedi 4 years ki okasari kabatti mana leaplings chese hadavidi, show-off, racha next level untayi so tittukokunda valla birthday inkonchem gattiga celebrate chesedam dudes.

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