Things only people who travel a lot as a part of their profession relate to



Manalo chala mandi either freelancers gani marketing people or those who work for travel sites usually travel a lot. Travelling anedi part of their job annamata. So, here are sharing few things that only people who travel for work related to:

1.Airports, bus stands and railway stations tho oka emotional attachment untadi annamata. profession2.Luggage pack chesukodam lo meru expert and me packing lo kuda unwanted things undavu, chala organised ga avasaramaina things tho untadi. profession3.Me epudu phone lo songs and books undela chusukuntaru, endukane journey’s bore kodatayi kabati. So, vatinundi ela time pas cheyali ani meke telustadi. profession4.Okkokasari sudden ga uru velalsi vastadi and daniki kuda meru epudu ready ga untaru and you have a lot of travel agents in your circle. profession

5.Meku India loni chala places lo you have good contacts with hoteliers and some taxi guys. Endukante konni sarlu work pani meda oke place ki 5 times ala velalsi vastadi, a matram contact lepotey ela.profession6.Traveling meku alavatu apoyidi kabati, even after a long journey, me presentations meru perfect ga ivvagalaru. profession7.Last but not the least, you have a lot of stories to share with your friends and families.profession