Things only shy girls will relate to


Ammailu palu rakalu annamata. Kontamandi easy ga kopam vastundi, kontamandi sensitive untaru, kontamandi epudu happy ga untaru and inkontamandi epudu edustune untaru. So, today we are going to discuss about shy girls.

1.Public speaking antene chala bayam, because they never ever tried that and they think it’s not their cup of tea.1 - 100 Love

2.You hate the going to parties and meeting new people. shy girls3.Teliyani vallu or pakkana valla food share cheskodam, you won’t feel comfortable. shy girls4.They can never express their feelings to their crush. shy girls5.People often think either you are rude or showing attitude. Papam evariki teledu, you are a shy person ani. shy girls6.Andaru unapudu, you behave very reserved, but okkale unapudu original bayataku vastundi annamata. shy girls7.Meru ekkadiki ontariga vellaleru, you always need a company.shy girls