Things people with high level OCD will agree to


1. Hardest thing to accept becomes when the petrol meter stops at 19.99 litres when you have asked for 20 litres.


2. When asked to draw a straight line, it has to be 180 degrees straight and not a pinch here or there.


3. Doing anything another time just be sure of it.
Like pressing ctrl+c more than thrice just be sure it copies. Clicking refresh on your system a hundred times so that you refresh your pc completely.

refresh4. Washing hands numerous number of times for no reason or for mere satisfaction.


5. We love having chips but hate it to the fullest when someone opens it from the bottom end.


6. Paint work of such sort would want us to go into the picture and turn the lid to the correct direction and then have a relief.


7. It is so difficult to buy these crayons when they are the only set available and you need them terribly.


8. Each time you use the stair case you would want to close your eyes or keep wondering if you could set them right by any chance.


9. This painting there is a nightmare of all sorts. Causing lots of insomnia to people with OCD.