Things relate to girls who studied in women’s college


Manalo chala mandi ammailu either intermediate gani degree gani only girls college lo chadive untaru. Co-ed oka different experience aithey, girls college inkoka vidamga untadi annamata. Etu chusina ammailu and a raccha and a hadavidi peaks lo untadi, so check out the list of things girls relate to who are studied in women’s college.

1. Me college lo vache rare male teachers lo atleast okalla paina aina meeku crush untadi.womens college

2. Adadaniki adade sethruvu anna quotation meku nijam anipichidi. Me girl gang ki inko girl gang tho teevramaina godavalu untayi.Women's College

3. Okkasari women’s college lo chadivitey, you will become a hardcore feminist.Women's College

4. Sometimes, you don’t even feel like getting dressed upWomen's College5. Me college lo atleast oka iddaru ammailani copy cats untaaru, they always try to copy your style and accessories.Women's College

6. Meeru realize avtaaru, that you don’t really need boys to have fun.Women's College

7. You will realize that major part of your day goes in clicking pictures.Women's College

8. You will come to know that all girls are not obsessed with dieting.Women's College