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10 Things That Happen When You Go On A Class Trip


By Ritika Chhabria

When you have a class trip, a lot of planning is involved. Along with planning there is also a lot of convincing that happens, a lot of change that happens; because when you are the one organising the trip, you have to take in a lot of opinions and try to make everybody happy. There are some things that definitely happen when you go on class trip, from rushing around, being excited to go to college for once, among others. Here’s a list of such things.

You have to get up early

More times than not, the places you go to are far, so invariably you have to get up early. The excitement you feel the night before the picnic really goes down when you have to get up in the morning. Though the excitement goes up again, the sleep is missed. But for the amount of fun that we have, that’s okay I guess.

Timing advance

When you have to leave college by 7 a.m. people are asked to come at 6:30 a.m. Because everybody knows, most of us can’t be on time. But even after giving that time, most people turn up late and we get delayed, always.

Lists are made

In the days after the picnic has been decided, lists are made. Lists of what to carry, what to wear, what to do, pending things, stuff like that. Sue we don’t carry all the stuff we note down or do all the things we want to, but that day turns out to be one of the best days of college.

Songs on the way

The long and tiring bus journeys are made fun and amazing by songs. Whether it’s playing songs or singing them, this helps in passing time, and that too in a fun way. Of course there are challenges thrown around, but all in good fun.

Excitement to go to college for once

For once in our college life at least, we are excited to go to college. Our feet, which we drag along the corridors on normal days, now run along very quickly to reach the destination.

Best dress on

When we go out, we have our best dress on. And when that is with our peers, all the more reason to dress up. Along with that, we carry change of clothes and loads of other things which we are able to fit in our tiny bags.

Talking to different people

We talk to people of our class whom we must have never spoken to even once. What can I say; maybe congeniality is in the air. It’s just the feeling of being free and having fun while doing that.

Throw gadgets aside for at least one day

This may not be on purpose. We might have rules of keeping phones in lockers before venturing out but whatever it is, a class trip is the one day that we leave our gadgets and actually have fun.

Tired at the end of the day

Yes we get tired at the end of the day, but when we have so many memories with us, that stress feels nothing. And of course, when everybody in the group is waddling around like ducks, no one can tease us either right.

All in all this is one trip that I don’t think anybody would like to miss. And it’s a chance to make good memories, with old friends and new. Of course, we are always up for fun, aren’t we!


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