15 Adorable Things That Makes Our Middle Class Families Extra Special

15 middle class things we all can relate to…
Growing up we have always experienced many most middle class things that our parents do. Andhulo thappem ledu kaani we find it funny now…
Alaanti konni nostalgic things we see commonly in middle class houses.

1. Only Sunday roju matrame chicken..

1. middle class life

2. Remote ki oka 2-3 plastic wrappers tho cover cheyyadam..

2.middle class life

3. Toothpaste chivari varaku laagi laagi vaadatam..

3.middle class life

4. Paatha battalani illu tudavataaniki vaadatam

4.middle class life

5. Terrace is meant for verything… battalu aareyadam, vadiyalu pettadaaniki, ila anni rakaaluga terrace ni vaadi padestaam..

5.middle class life

6. And then terrace is a way of free AC during summers…

6.middle class life

7. Oka plastic cover, andhulo chaala plastic covers.. idhi maatram anni middle class illallo common thing

7.middle class life

8. The glass rule: Gaaju glass lo water only chuttalaku maatrame..

8.middle class life

9. Mana akka/ anna vaadesina battalu manaki antagadataaru..

9.middle class life

10. Turning off switch..

Manam light aapakunda pakka room loki vellagaane, nanna parigettukuntu vastaaru, only to turn off the switch and say current billu entha vastundho telusa..

10.middle class life

11. Newspapers are everything Books cover laaga, excess oil wipe cheyyadaaniki, potlaalu kattadaaniki ila anni rakaalu ga vaadestaaru newspaper ni…..

11.middle class life

12. Kaali ayyina Horlicks dabba lo uppu, pappu petti store cheyyadam..

12.middle class life

13. Vere ooru veltunna, inti nunch food pack chesukoni velladam.

13.middle class life

14. Kooragaayalu anni konnakka, free ga kothimeera, pacchi mirchi free ga ivvamani adagadam..

14.middle class life

15. Birthday ki vacchina gift wrap ni jaagratta teesi, malli regift cheydaaniki vaadatam

Do let us know in the comments section , the most middle class thing you can ever relate to..

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