Things that we see in Telugu films that are pretty funny!


Telugu movies lo chaala movies manchi morals nerpistharu and also show certain things that are not true all the times. Here are a few of such things. No offence to any movies shown, this is just a fun attempt to gather such points.

1. Chloroform cannot knock down a person for more than just minutes. If you want it to happen for a longer time, the person should be allowed to sniff it for a longer time.Telugu films

2. Plastic Surgery cannot completely transform the face of a person. Even a 100% surgery will not change the entire face.Telugu films

3. A dead person cannot be brought to life with those defibrillators. They are used to raise the heart-rate if it goes low.Telugu films

4. Guns help people fire at opponents kani motion lo shoot chesthe target ki exact ga taakadu. But mana films lo the bullets are very intelligent that they make way and hit the villain. When the villain tries, he never is able to hit the hero.Telugu films

5. Rayalaseema and Kurnool ante chaalu they only show factionsim. But the place is way more beautiful!Telugu films

6. The girls in most of the films are only worried about marriage and boys! This, in reality, is a very false thing. Not every girl is like that.Telugu films

7. Usually, one of the identical twins born are evil!!! This is just not true.Telugu films

8. While defusing a bomb, don’t worry, whichever wire you decide to cut… You always choose the right one. This happens in the last 3 seconds or usually the last second. In real, this is a whole different process.Telugu films

9. A hero will show no pain while getting beaten up; but will show pain when a girl cleans up his wounds. This is more than hilarious.Telugu films

10. Women look much better and prettier with the least amount of make-up! Because it is more natural. It is just that heroines are given so much makeup even when they are asleep.Telugu films

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