Things that we should learn from our mothers


There are no angels down here. But the brightest ones we see are in our mothers. They have treated us in the worst times, they have sat sleepless to make sure we have slept sound, they were full without having any food by watching us eat our favourite, they have done amazing things for us and we have to learn a lot from these angels.

1. Treat everyone the same. Forget the status, a human being has to treated this way!mother

2. Always follow a disciplined routine. That will make your life more peacefulmother

3. They have always taught us to be truthful coz we can never ever lie to our mothers. Mana face lo anni kanpisthay vaallakimother

4. Intlo cook cheshna anni veggies tinali. That is the. Eat way to keep up with our health.mother

5. She taught us the cleanliness in surroundings and oneself is the best way to stay happy.mother

6. Sacrifice and yet remain happy by seeing you get everything you dream of in life.mother7. Education is the most important thing in life.mother

8. Spend money wisely.mother

9. Love your loved ones so much that it keeps them alive every minute.mother

10. Patience is the key to keeping things in place.mother

11. No matter what you feel, show the world that you have a thousand reasons to be happy.mother

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