9 Things We Commonly Hear From Our Drunkard Friends In Every Booze Party


When you are with friends, everything is amazing! And if that is accompanied by alcohol, the fun is unlimited. There is some unexplained excitement that rushes down our blood when we are getting ready for a booze party with friends. And when the drunkard friends get talking, it is going to blow things out of proportions. You don’t know from where they would start and where they would take you. The only thing that we very well know is that it is going to be total fun.

While there are numerous things we talk about when we are drunk, let’s go through those most common things we all come across when we sit down with friends to take those few drops of alcohol and make merry.

When you are starting the party. Those words of choice that sooth our ears.


There will always be one guy who will start like this


Lopala tempt avthadu, kaani edho oka yedhava covering ivvali kada.


Mellllliga okadu start chesthadu..


And then the big brother of the party would say

nagababuMeanwhile on the other side one friend talking to the other and in some context..


While all would have gotten high, there will be one frustrated guy…


Or Maybe he is not aware that he is high


When you run out of some booze and you go for something else..


And then to the guy who passes out first..


Watch out originals here.