8 Things We Did Back In Our Childhood That Made Us Realise That Change Is Good


Yes, it is absolutely true that change is always good. Enduknata mana chinapudu mana childhood photos chustene manam chala embarrassing feel avtam, apatiki ipatiki manalo chala change vachindi. Just imagine, a change ganaka rakapotey manam ipatiki alane untey ela untadi? So, today, we are going to discuss things that we did in our childhood, which made us realize that change is good.

1. Life without internet. Epudanna imagine cheskondi, ipudu internet lekapotey mana life ela undedi. 1.-Life-without-internet
2. Wearing T-shirts double the size now I think is not a good thing. Ipudu mari old days lo laga loose t shirts veskuntey chalaa baagoooduu. 2.-Wearing-T-shirts
3. Asalu TV antey Doordarshan, Doordarshan antene TV. 3.-Asalu-TV-antey
4. Carrying pager was a style statement in those days, but for sure not now. 4.-Carrying-pager-was
5. Wearing boot cut pants was a trend those days. Now, the slim fit has taken over it.5. Wearing boot cut pants
6. Mana chinapudu, chala varaku manaki mana parents baby hair cuts cheyinchevallu, just imagine adi ipatiki kuda unte ela undedo. It won’t suit for all ladies right now.6.-Mana-chinapudu,
7. Ammailani inter or degree ki minchi chadivinchevallu kadu, but now women ruling the world. 7.-Ammailani-inter-or-degree
8. Chinapudu manam evari support lekunda bayataku kuda vellakudadu. Atleast mana brother or father to pate pampevallu, but now solo traveling kuda oka trend create chesesam. So, sometimes definitely we need change.8.-Chinapudu-manam