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21 Things only a backbencher can relate to


College or school..manam mana places fix cheskuntam as soon as we enter the classroom. There are some people who prefer the last benches and some who prefer the first ones. Backbenchers ana reason ki we also get judged until we get our results. Ivanni pakka pedithe there are certain things we are proud or happy being a backbencher

1. When you are always late for the class and you only come for attendance.

2. When you are always busy chatting and playing games during the class.

3. That one backbencher who is considered as the coolest guy in the class.

4. There are those backbenchers who also are one of the highest scorers in the class.

5. One of the greatest achievements of being a backbencher is giving a proxy to his/her friends.

6. Making fun of your lecturer is like a habit.7. We get to laugh at whatsoever jokes without the lecturer noticing us. Thanks to the entire row in front of us for helping cover ourselves!

8. Lecturers are like “maintain your notes” and you are like “I don’t even have one”.

9. When you are the target of almost all the lecturers.

10. Despite being the naughty ones, there are few backbenchers whose names are noted with the lecturers for some very good remarks.

11. Eating and sleeping during the class were your prime duties.

12. When you’re the source of entertainment for the whole class by giving sarcastic replies to your lecturer.

13. Listening to music because you cannot take the sleepy teaching from your lecturer.

14. Some of them are experts in copying during the exams and some of them are experts in helping others.

15. When you have that one friend who is a topper of the class and helps you in all the assignments.

16. The gang gets frequently thrown out of the class.

17. Doing all the assignments during the class because you’re too busy at home.

18. When you make the best friends in the last row and feel like you have a gang.

19. No other student dares to sit in your place because you’re the chosen one.

20. There are few teachers who always call you up to the first bench.

21. Backbenchers include students who are good and bad at studying and also have students who are really good at extra-curricular activities.

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