Things Which Are Meant To Be Done But Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life!

Manam chese prathi pani manaki nacchalani ledhu. Kani konni mana life lo mandatory aipothay! Mana knowledge lekunda konni panulu cheyyadaniki alavatu padi potham. There are few things which can’t be avoided. Avento chuddhama?

1. Waking Up Early:

Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life

Oppukuntara? Konni sarlu meeku assalu bed meedha nundi levalani lekhapoina…intlo valla kosamo, mee college kosamo, office kosamo you have to break your comfort zone and wake up.

2. Sticking To A Timetable:

Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life

Time table follow avvadamante stress ani anukuntaru chala mandhi kani living a life which has no timetable or deadlines will only make you procrastinate, leading to nothing but stress.

3. Using Public Transport:

Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life

It’s cheap, time-saving and also, a great way to get to know your city better.

4. Eating Healthy:

Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life

This is the toughest thing in the whole universe I feel! Kani many people are restricting themselves to diet. Annoying kadha? But in some situations, it becomes compulsory to follow a proper diet in order to lead a healthy life.

5. Not Checking Your Phone Every Few Minutes:

Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life

Present biggest addiction edhanna undhi ante..adhi mobile phone ane cheppali. “Literally we can’t survive without it” anevallu chala mandhe unnaru. But the less time you spend online, the more productive you will be at the work.

6. Public Speaking:

Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life

School, college days lo stage fear unna vallu job lo join ayyaka vallu ah profession lo sustain avvadam kosam public speaking ni alavatu chesukuntaru. This becomes mandatory for some people in their day to day life.

7. Reaching The Workplace In Time:

Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life

Manam mana work ni workplace ni respect chesthene we will get that respect back. We should be punctual for the sake of our self and not for anyone else.

8. Sleeping On Time:

Not Interesting To Do In Daily Life

We will have many things to do, but we sometimes make sure that we will go to bed by 9:00.

So these are the annoying but important everyday things we need to do for a successful life. Hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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