7 Things you can relate to if You’re the Girl with a Guy Best Friend


Manam eh problem lo ledha baadha lo unna gurthochedhi best friend, and there nothing better than having a guy best friend. Here are a few things you will relate to if your best friend is a guy.

Everyone thinks you are dating himguyMee chuttu unna vaalu meru boyfriend-girlfriend ani anukuntaaru, entha friends ani cheppina nammaru. Oka vela nammina, they’ll want you guys to date.

Less dramaguyBoy best friend unte asalu drama undadhu. Mee gurinchi em rumours vinna pattinchukoru because they believe you. Girls gang lo unnattu no gossiping inka no bitching.

Lots of nicknamesguyHe’ll give you a lot of nicknames. Meeku irritate cheyadaaniki athani dheggara chalal names untaayi. Meeru short ga unte potti ani pilustharu, tall ga unte giraffe, basically meeru ela unna they have nicknames for you.

You get jealousguyMee best friend, girls toh thiragadam chusthe you feel jealous. Mee thappa athaniki vere girls best friends laa undakudadhu.

Safety is ensuredguyThey care about your safety more than anyone else, entha ante ekkadaina bhayatha elthunnapudu they pick you up from home and drop you back, no matter how busy they are.

Can be crazy around himguyGirls toh unte they’ll judge you for everything, meeru vesukunna battala nunchi, kurchunne padhathi varaku. Whereas with your guy friends you can be your actual self, you can dance, sing and even shout! They will not judge you.

He’ll hate your choice of guysguy
No matter how good the guy you like is, ithaniki mee selection nachadhu. He is so concerned about you, that boys vishayam lo parents kante ekkuva tension ithaniki ayithundhi.