Things you experience if you are the first one to get married in your gang


Undoubtedly, wedding is one such occasion in your life, that you has been waiting for years. Pelli tarvata almost anni change apotayi. Mana best friends ki pelli kakunda, gang lo first manake pelli aite ala one different experience annamata. So, today’s article is about the things you experience if are the first one to get married in your gang.

1 – Since the day of your engagement, everyone starts calling you as uncle or aunt.1get-married
2 – Vallaki love life lo elanti doubt vachina first meke call​ chestaru. You are like official love​ guru for them2get-married
3 – Mee pellilo enjoy chesinatu evari dantlonu me friends evaru cheyledu3get-married
4 – No one will miss your wedding in ypur gang4get-married
5 – They will never leave a stone to tease you5get-married
6 – They will definitely call you and take your suggestions before finalizing things for their wedding6get-married
7 – They won’t include you in their plans like Goa trip or sleepovers at your friends place.7get-married
8 – Mee friends andaru enjoy chestunaru, but anthaku mundula meru vallatho spend cheyaleru time.8get-married