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Things you feel, After having a break up


Break-up ayina tharwatha , single ga undadam is the worst thing that can happen. Oka saari meeku okari thodu alvaatu ayithe it is very difficult to cope up with loneliness. There are a series of feelings that people undergo while being single, check them out!

You feel lonely: singleOka sari once you are used to be with someone, you will miss the time you spent. Entha mandi unna you feel lonely at the end of the day.
You feel like distancing yourself from your friends: Its just a phase, evarni kalvalani undadu. Friends tho time spend cheyalani anpinchadu . You end up distancing yourself from your old friends too
You feel worthless: Asal mana meedha manaki confidence undadhu, you don’t feel that you are important, manaki feeling osthadi that no one likes us and no one wants to talk to us
You feel like eating more or not eating anything: Chala moody ga untam, either you eat a lot or you don’t eat at all.
You feel like escaping: Ekadikana dooram elpovali anpistadi, you feel like staying away. Most of us dooram travel cheyaniki ana elpotham. we run from the situations
You become short tempered: Easy ga kopam ochestadi, parthi chinna daniki irritate avthamu. You show it to people around you.
It is just a phase, mee life lo right time lo right person ostharu. Take your life on a positive note and think that everything happens for good and also for a reason.

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