Things you feel when you undergo a break up


Life lo, oka phase ostadi where you get dumped or left by your fellow partner, ah time lo we go through a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Andarki ardamkadhu that manam feel ayedhi normal ah? is it fine to feel this way? ivaani questions ki answers unayi. Here are few things that you feel and which are totally normal.

1.You feel Suicidal :break upManam ishtapadina manishi odilesi velpothe, chala mandi sensitive people feel like giving up in your life, kaani adi solution kaadu, ala anpinchina appudu all you have to do is have proper trust in yourself and manam life ni unko better side lo chudadaniki try cheyali. Mana kosam bhatike vala kosam alochinchali.
2.You feel Lonely : break upEvaru lenatu, andaru odilesi elpoynatu anpistadi, mana friends unna sare manaki mingle avalanpinchadu, you dont feel like talking to anyone. Ala anpinstadi , because you were with your loved one’s all the while sudden ga elpothe ala feel avtam, in that point of time you have to go to your family, and friends who were there with you all this while.
3.You don’t feel like eating :break upWhen we are low, most of them ki emi tinabudi kaadu, we ignore food, tinakunda intlo ala kurchuntam, kaani health ni eppudu ignore cheyakandi . Try to divert yourself by doing other works.
4.You become an insomniac : break upNight motham lechi untam, nidra raadhu, enthaa try chesina raadhu, basic ga chala tired ayithey evarkana nidra ochestadi, work out cheyandi, edo oka work lo involve avandi, ala ayithey body tired ayi, you dont think and tend to sleep.
5.We make ourself locked :5 - lockWe stop going out, ekadiki vella kunda intlo okate room lo kurchuntam, we dont want to face the world , kani you should go out more often, that is when you can build up confidence in yourself.