8 Things You Must Do Before You Complete Your Engineering


‘What’s next? Karo engineering!! Engineering is the best option!’ This is what people usually say. You know, the number of engineers produced in India is greater than the population in Singapore. Just check Facebook and it is full of Engineer memes and pages dedicated to engineers.

If you take a closer look, engineering or broadly speaking graduation is the period where most of us have the best times. It is not only because you carve a focused career path or crack some big job, it is more dear to everyone for the memories it carries all through. For the fun and lighter moments that give you an all new high.

We won’t tell you to neglect studies, but there should also be some entertainment all along. Lekapothe life ni eppudu premisthav bhaiyya? 

If you find your engineering boring, here are the things you must definitely try to make it lively.

1 - ravi teja8 - friend5 - drive6 - girl4 - trip2 - study7 - part3 - sudden party