Things You Need To Carry While Going Out For A Trip With Your Girl Gang



Manalo chala mandi ammailaku oka chirakala dream enti antey, only mana Girl Gang tho oka trip veyalani. Idi chala mandiki already ipatike velochi untaru, kontamandi velalani anukuntu untaru and kontamandi veladaniki anni plan chesukuntu untaru. So, alanti vallaki here we are sharing few tips. Check it out:

1. Instead of carrying huge stuff, just stick to basics like maxi dresses, jumpsuits and all. And basic make up items kuda don’t forget, endukante mari girl gang tho manchi photographs undali kada.girl gang

2. High heels and wedges kakunda, go for sneakers and flats. Ivi chala comfortable ga untayi, traveling lo.girl gang

3. Munde travel ni plan chesukondi. Make ready your snacks, songs playlist and all.girl gang

4. In case meru night anta journey lo or under the stars plan chestuntey, don’t forget to carry your favorite movie on your laptop.trip

5. Decide everything earliest. Akadiki velli decide avadam kante before starting your journey decide everything and also book everything in advance.girl gang

6. If you are going to a beach area, make sure to carry sunscreen lotion, beach costumes, and shades.girl gang