8 Things You Should Do When You Are In 20’s


Konni panulu mana life lo oka particular age lo cheyagalam, after that it is not possible. Prati okkari life lo 20’s is like a roller coaster ride. This particular age period is a mixture of all emotions. Ipude okallni preminchadam and okalanni marchipogaladam anni nerchukuntam. So, today, we are sharing few things that one should do in their 20s.

1. You should spend atleast one night under the stars by doing star gazing.1.-You-should-spend
2. Well, meku dance or music istama? Then learn anyone of them. If you don’t have any, then cultivate a hobby.2.-Well,-meku-dance
3. Meku cooking rakapoyina, one international dish ni try cheyandi and even become an expert in it.3.-Meku-cooking-rakapoyina
4. Go for trekking into deep forest. Trust me idi chala best experience istundi.
5. Para gliding, Parasailing, scuba driving, skydiving lanti adventure sports okasaranna experience avvandi.5.-Para-gliding
6. Compose or write a song or poem something.6.-Compose-or-write
7. Sports lo gani professional life lo gani try to win something.7.-Sports-lo-gani
8. Try to get the job you love the most.PS--You-should-do-it-by-taking