Things You Should Eat For Dinner To Lose Your Weight


Weight lose cheyadaaniki only exercise chesthe saripodhu, food kuda correct ga thinaali. Doctors always say that dinner ki eppudu light inka healthy food eh thinaali. What you eat for dinner has a major impact on your body. Here are 3 foods you should eat for dinner incase meeku weight lose cheyali unte.

1.Salad greensweight lossMee dinner, salad toh start cheyandi. First course salad thinte it will cut your calorie intake by 12%. Salad lo fiber content ekkuva untundhi, so it promotes weight loss and prevents extra calories.

2.Whole grainsweight lossBrown rice inka quinoa laanti whole grains stimulate weight loss. Whole grains lo ekkuva fiber inka magnesium (mineral regulating fat metabolism) untundhi. Abdominal fat thakkuva cheyadaaniki whole grains are the best.

3.Lean proteinweight lossChicken, fish, tofu inka beans lo chala proteins untaayi. Proteins unna food thinte meeku aakali kaadhu, this helps in consuming excess fatty snacks. Lean protein consumption helps in building lean body mass and warding off weight gain.