Things You Start Realizing When Your Age Is 25


One of the hardest thing to accept in your life is your 25th birthday. Yes, apude 25 Age years datesayi and you are no more a kid. This particular birthday is definitely an emotional roller coaster ride to you. Check out the things that you realize when you turn 25.

1. Sudden ga meeru realize avtaru, you are no more a kid ani. Almost Age 30’s ki deggaraku vachesaru ani.

Nani - Nenu Local

2. Appatidaka aaduthu paaduthu undi, sudden ga you start becoming a responsible person.Ravi Teja

3. Ammailu aitey, inka intlo pelli gurinchi torture start chestaru. Veellakante mundu relatives untaru anukondi adi vere vishayam.Samantha

4. Instead of spending your Saturday’s in partying, you feel more relaxed in watching your favorite movie/show in PJ’s at your home.Kajol

5. Money unwanted things lo spend chese badulu, you start saving them for your own house or gold.Venkatesh

6. Birthdays are no longer that exciting, me childhood laga. A roju kuda you have to go to the office in formals and have to work till late night.Sharwanand in Mahanubhavudu

7. Your body’s metabolism is starting to slow down. Meru teenage lo unattu, meeku nacchinattu ela paditey ala tinaleru.Nani