Things you will relate to if you absolutely love cooking


Reading books, writing, playing, dancing, sketching etc., There are many hobbies every person got. Andulo cooking kuda untadi for kontha mandi. Aa kontha mandi lo some people ki cooking is not just hoobie, it is love and passion. Alanti feelings unte you will surely relate to these things.

1. Manamu epudu khaali ga undamu. We are either busy doing our everyday duties or trying new recipies

2. Prati occasion ki we know the best possible dishes that can be

3. Entha mandi intiki vachina we know how to cook and what to cook in how much ever time we have for

4. Mana friends or family eh mood lo una..we celebrate if happy or console if sad mana cooking talent tho.4 - family

5. Eh restaurant ki vellina..prati dish lo we understand the minute’est of ingredients also. Edaina dish not to the mark unte kuda we know the cause of the taste.5 - rest

6. Manaki holiday unte intlo vaallaki food festival!6 - holiday

7. Grocery shopping ki velthe, maname boss.7 - grocery

8. Cooking chese vaallaki ingredients meeda control untundi kabatti we always check how much calories or nutrients we intake.8 - claories

9. Intlo groceries ekva em lekapoina kuda we know what to make best out of what we have at home.9 - home

10. Manaki konni signature dishes untay. Avi eh restaurant ki vellina evaru order cheyyaru because they know we make it best at home.10 - signature

11. If we go bayataki studies kosam and live in a room with friends, we are the ‘Masterchef’.11 - master chef

12. Manam konni recipes perfect ga ravalani taste chesi chesi we do not eat after the whole dish is complete. Basically, we seek perfection.12 - perfection

Meeku kuda ilanti memories unte, please comment and share with us!