Things you will relate to if you have that one bestie for life!


Today’s social life has increased immensely and we have a lot of friends in every facet of life. School lo untaru, inti daggara untaru, college lo untaru, workplace lo untaru, friends’ friends kuda mana friends untaru… so much friendship asalu! Veetilo mana andarki that one friend untaru who we cannot do anything without.

1. That one friend is the reason we are never at home or we are never alone at home. Either mana intlo iddaru untaru or vaalla intlo iddaru or bayata.bff-1

2. Eh conversation aina kuda joke cheppasina avasaram lekunda we laugh together. Avi only manaki ardham authaybff-2

3. Same age aithe.. we see that we get into same school or college! No one can ever tear us apart.bff-3

4. Shopping companion is ready anytime.bff-4

5. There are some movies that you will only want to watch with that friend.bff-5

6. Manaki anandam or badha.. edi ochina kuda aapukolem. Cheppalsinde aa person ki.bff-6

7. Birthdays ki that bff call first rakapothe champestham.bff-7

8. We are each others’ best secret keepers.bff-8

9. We always dance together and there are those moves that we do togetherbff-9

10. We will not let anyone take the wrong of the bff. Vaalla pani out!!!!bff-10

Ilanti bff meeku kuda unte…. please tag them 🙂