Things you will understand only if you are a sad-song listener


Music ante rock, pop, jazz, mass ive Na… baadha or sad climax lo oche songs music kaaadaa.. avi kuda chaala bauntay and avi vintunte mana minds asalu ekkadiko vellipothay. Entha baadha lo song una kuda, manam entha baadha padutu song vintunna kuda … vintune untam .

Here is for all those who love listening to sad songs.

1. Sad songs lo some emotion manalni correct area lo pindestundi that we repeat for another 20-30 times and keep listening all day.telugu sad song

2. Aa paatalu vintu edustu untam kani vinadam aapamu.telugu sad song

3. You wil feel like this is blood to some already existing sadness inside your head and some satisfaction that atleast this song understands you.telugu sad song

4. Evaranna ee songs ni edpukotte paatalu aapa ra babu ani ana, sudden ga paata marchi Oka totally opposite mass song pettina…. addanga, niluvuga and aimulaga narikestham. Motham flow poindi, you see!telugu sad song

5. And for all those who think sad music makes you sadder, a new study says that listening to sad music makes you feel better and relaxed. If you do not agree, listen to it and chuskondi.telugu sad song

6. Sad music ni manam alone ga unte vinadaniki prefer chestham. Since it is best time to gather and sort out our emotional conflicts too.telugu sad song

7. Mana play list lo there are many songs that are emotional.telugu sad song

8. Some songs that are sung with a lot of hurt and that have lyrics which are extremely vulnerable can actually be an inspiration for us to do better.telugu sad song

9. And if there is someone who has this kind of music taste, you are first shocked, then surprised and then become best friends.telugu sad song

10. We feel proud of recognising these songs as a genre and love listening to them.telugu sad song