Things You’ll Relate To If You Love Desserts


Desserts are love for everyone. Kaani there are a few people evaraithe desserts lekunda undaleru. Meeku sweets ante praanam ante, here are a few points you will definitely relate to.

You see the dessert section of the menu firstlove dessert

Meeru menu di dessert section chuse restaurant ni judge chesestharu. Good desserts = good restaurant. Food menu chuse mundhu meeru desserts menu chustharu.

You go to buffets only for dessertlove dessert

Buffet ki velle only reason is the widespread of desserts. Buffet ki vellinappudu you don’t care about other food. Desserts are your main course.

You don’t get having dessert after a meallove dessert

Meal tharvaathe dessert thinali ane logic meeku ardham kaadhu. Asalu desserts do not need a time or situation kadha!?

You’ve visited all dessert places in your citylove dessert

Mee city/town lo unna anni dessert parlours try chese untaaru. Sweets thinali ante places gurinchi meeke adagaali.

Always have a sweet snack in your baglove dessert

Bag lo chocolate lekunda meeru inti bhayata ellaru. Minimum 2 chocolates undadamu compulsory, let it be even eclairs. Chocolate is mandatory.

You feel incomplete if you don’t end your meal with dessertlove dessert

Meal thinnaka dessert lekapovadam is a nightmare for you. Food tharavaatha sweet compulsory, ledha nidhra pattadhu.

You need no reason to have sweetslove dessert

Asalu meeku sweets thinadaaniki reason avasaram ledhu. Happy ga unte happiness lo sweets thintaaru, sad ga unte sadness lo! Edhi thinna thinakunna dessert maathram compulsory.

There’s always space for dessertlove dessert

No matter how full you are, mee stomach lo there is always room for dessert.

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