Things you’ll understand if you don’t put makeup


In this era where everyone’s into makeup, makeup pettukoka povadamu chala great. Andharilo meere odd one out untaaru. Here are a few things only people who don’t put makeup will understand.

1.Takes hardly any time to get ready in the morningmake upSince meeru makeup pettukoru you save up on a lot of time. Mee makeup pettukune friends minimum 30 mins theeskunte, meeru only 10 mins lo ready ayipotharu. This means you don’t have to wake up early just to get ready.

2.Your friends want to give you a makeovermake upMee bare face ni chusi mee friends urkoleru. They desperately want to do your makeup.

3.You feel makeup is a waste of moneymake upAsalu andharu makeup meedha thousands of rupees spend chesedhi chusi meeku picchi ekkipothadhi. Elaina theesesey makeup meedha antha money endhuku spend cheyadamu?

4.You are used to waiting for your friends make upSince meeku makeup pani undadhu, meeru chala thvaraga ready ayipotharu. Whereas, all your friends take a lot of time. Everything you are the person waiting.

5.You can rub your eyes when you want tomake upEppudu ante appudu you can cry and rub your eyes without looking like a panda. Kajal ledha eyeliner smudge avuthundhi anna thought eh raadhu.

6.Feel empowered 6 - your skin
Mee skin lo meeru chala confident ga feel ayitharu. You feel that you don’t need makeup to look beautiful.