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This 24 Year Old National Award Winner Is Grading Our MPS


E madya kalam lo politics chala disappoint chestunai manalni. Bharat Ane Nenu lanti movies chusi ala undali, mana leaders ani feel avtunam and evaru vatini clean cheyadaniki mundu radamla, but this 24-year old Naga Sravan Kilaru, started questioning the government and even grading the MPs in Andhra Pradesh. He belongs to Vijayawada and recently picked up the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports’ National Youth Award, earlier this year. The ministry gives this award every year for people who work hard for the upliftment of youth in a country’s development.National Youth AwardHe has been a part of The Youth Assembly of the United Nations and holds a diploma from CATO Institute, one of the top think tanks in the world. At the age of 17, he first saw the Anna Hazare fight against corruption and tatani tanu question chesukunadu. A age lo undi kuda Anna Hazare desam kosam anta chestundi, tina duty enti ani, then he started an NGO Vijayawada Needs U. He started this foundation to promote participatory government among the youth.

It releases report cards on all the MPs by rating them basing on their attendance, the number of questions they asked in the Parliament and more. Idi start chesina, first two years lo evaru care cheyaledu, but first time an MP from Guntur, Jayadev Galla, shared his report card on social media and then it grabbed the attention of everyone.

This organization also conducts youth parliaments and encourages people to file RTIs. He is currently planning to file an RTI regarding the 8% cess of the property tax that fails to reach the libraries. He even writing letters to collectors, take a group of friends to the office of local representatives to talk about issues that are being faced by the people in government hospitals and other public spaces. This 24-year old sriving hard to make the youth to get involved in politics since 2014 through various campaigns and workshops. He even conducts mock parliament sessions for the youth and also represented India in many youth activities all over the world.

Well, this young lad proved that it’s everyone responsibility to change the nation if the system failed to fulfill the promises made by them during elections. Cinemalu chusi ala unte bagundedi anukodam kantey, manam cheyagaligindi manam cheyali ani manaku chepadu.

Hats off Sravan!

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