This Campaign will make us believe in Humanity again


Social media has several angles to it. Though a lot of negativity and intrusion happens into people’s lives, there is much unsung positivity to it. Many challenges and campaigns have been run for social causes and there are platforms which provide a voice through needy through social channels. One reason, it is easy to publish and make things happen and the second being the reach. If one celebrity or a popular social media personality reacts to a genuine attempt that would just go viral because of the following and that positivity would reach out to millions, making the necessary change happen.

This one campaign from Hyderabad is one such example. This was voluntarily taken on to their shoulders by the Instagram and Youtube celebrities from Telugu states, to help out Mr. D. Vijay Kumar, a 46 year old man suffering from extensive Liver failure and needed a help of around 30 lakh for the transplant and post-surgery charges. His daughter VaishnaviDavuluriand her brother Tarun have put out a post with all the documents and bills on a crowd funding site ‘’ after exhausting all the resources for financial aid, which had got a genuine reach. Then stepped in the Insta and Youtube celebs like Jahnavi (Mahathalli), Deepthi Sunaina & Darshini Shekhar several others who did share this as a request on their pages and it received a huge response. Within a couple of weeks of the start for funding, the campaign has garnered more than half of the required amount, i.e. Rs.16,60,862 with around 3.1 shares for the post.1_social_media

Looking at the response, the daughter Vaishnavi has responded saying, “It is overwhelming to see the way everybody reacting and we got a hope that we can save my father. He needs to undergo few screening tests to find out the donor matching which we are scheduling it in next two days. Few of our friends after looking at this post connected us to different doctors from different hospitals like Apollo, pace, Maxcure and see if they can help us in getting the surgery done in low cost. We are meeting those doctors in the coming week and hopefully if we can get the surgery cost reduced to some extent.Thanks is a small word and our family owes all the donors a lot for all the support.”2_social_media

These happenings give a hope to humanity that people are still out there to help. And hats off to these budding stars for responding quick and pushing their followers to do the good deed. Kudos to all the people who have responded and donated their bit for this genuine cause. As the campaign is still going on, the link is being posted below for more people to come out and help. Save the humanity and spread the happiness.