This cute baby in the cutest photos will surely make your day


A mother’s life changes entirely after she has a baby in her family. The count increases and also her happiness in life. A teeny-weeny baby can change lives forever. She who cannot talk can teach so much more than people who can shout. Those cute babies ki cutest photos teeyadam is something they deserve. Okapudu photos teeyaniki ideas lekunde and today ideas tho paatu implement cheyyaniki technology undi.1-Cute-babys

Here is a tiny story of a mom who used her creativity in photo-shooting her little baby in the best ways possible.

Mana hyderbad-based entrepreneur, Arpita Soma, talks about the chalk-board art she uses to click pictures of her baby for every occasion that fills her bag of pictured memories.5-Cute-babys1

She says, “While many attribute forgetfulness and several other qualities to pregnancy / mommy brains, I should say my mommy brains have been at their creative best since my daughter happened. I was never a creative person. I hated art and craft classes. I was bored of the regular photo shoots for infants and wanted to do something different and build memories for my daughter when she grows up. That’s when I came across this blackboard and chalk art by an artist mother in the US. Her art was general and more apt for the western scenario. Seeing that , I got an idea that as to why not adapt it to suit the Indian scenario and have been using blackboard and chalk art to convey festival greetings to family and friends (whatsapp is flooded with photoshopped festival messages and my husband and I always add a personal touch to the greetings we send)2-Cute-babys

We sent festival greetings for Holi, Ugadi, Easter. And a general one depicting dance floor and skate boarding.

We did the baahubali inspired one recently to celebrate the release of India’s biggest blockbuster film Baahubali 2 . Nothing is photoshopped. It is just blackboard and wet chalk. While I do the sketches and get my daughter ready, my husband takes the pictures on his mobile phone.3-Cute-babys

Unknowingly, we have started a tradition and now our entire family and friends look forward to our wishes for any festival. We have been using a smaller blackboard to keep note of her monthly milestones. Looks like our little one also enjoys all this drama like her mother, for she’s been a great poser so far!!”4-Cute-babys

We look forward for more of such lovely stories to make our day happier.