This Dutch Singer Singing Srivalli From Pushpa in ‘Accha Telugu’ Will Win Your Hearts

Pushpa Craze and madness ippatlo taggela ledu. Telugu states ni, North ni oopesina Pushpa movie, dialogues, songs & reels anni chusesamu. Ravindra Jadeja, David Warner lanti vallu Pushpa Taggedhe Le reels chesaru…inka kondaru Bollywood actors kuda Pushpa reels chesi Instagram lo post chesaru. Mana aocuntry daati Bangladesh Cricket League lo Bangla players Pushpa mannerisms chesaru…ila chala jarigayi.

Ippudu ee list lo Netherlands occhindi…Dutch Singer aina Emma Heesters Pushpa Movie Srivalli song ki cover version padindi. Srivalli song lo Telugu lyrics ni as it is paadadame kadu…English version lyrics add chesi ee cover song chesindi. 4.98 Million subscribers unna Emma Heesters Youtube Channel lo add chesina ee cover song version ippudu internet lo viral avutundi.

Here It Is Emma Heesters’ Srivalli Cover Version:

Assalu Evaru Ee Emma Heesters?

Emma Heesters is a dutch singer & TV Personality born in the Netherlands. Young age lo singing meedha passion tho ee Dutch singer International cover songs cheyadam start chesindi. 2019 lo she won the first Dutch winner of MTV’s Push Award and gained Platinum status for her single “Pa Olvidarte” with Rolf Sanchez.

International cover songs tho paatu mana Indian songs ni covers paduthunnadi Emma. Inthaka mundu Rowdy Baby, Bijlee lanti cover songs nki English lyrics rasukuni original and tana version mix chesi cover songs paduthu untadi.

English & Telugu Lyrics of Srivalli Song By Emma:

Oh you turn off to the other side
When I stare at you
Oh you close your eyes so I won’t see them
Oh yes you do

Everyday, even without blinking
You stare at your invisible God
But why are you ignoring me
When I’m in front of you?

Choope Bangaramayene Srivalli
Maate Manikyamayene
Choope Bangaramayene Srivalli
Navve Navaratnamayene

Oh look at me, every time, always
I used to be leading
Now I’m following you everywhere that you go
Oh look at me, never did I ever bend my head for anyone
Now I’m bending my whole body, so I can see your anklet

After living such a great life
I’m now doing everything I can
For me it’s enough,
if only for a second you look at me

Choope Bangaramayene Srivalli
Maate Manikyamayene
Choope Bangaramayene Srivalli
Navve Navaratnamayene

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