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This Fantastic Write-Up About Gaali Seenu Is A Must Read For All The GAMYAM Fans


Contributed by Thoughts On Cinema

Meet Gaali Seenu, The bike robber.

Gaali Seenu’s sense of humour and wicked puns will be the first things that will make you like him, but he is more of a lovable heart than the way how he interacts with you initially.Like Amir Khan says in Rangeela “A Person’s life is not obvious by the way how he looks”.

We can never imagine how an irresponsible governing system creates the people who commit organized/unorganized crimes.Seenu is a byproduct of that.His father died when he was a child, he was thrown out of school due to lack of money.Seenu might have became much better person if he had got some good education.At one point he impatiently says “Nijanga poorna devude baasu,aa budda naayaalla ki evaru leranta, thindi petti chaduvu cheppisthunnadu, manaku ala dhorikinte na”. This scene gives us some insight into his thoughts and how hard his past is.

When some local politicians try to force a girl in record dance troop to dance naked, we get to see his rage.”Adhi kadupu nimpukovadaaniki chesthadhi baasu,alantidhi kaadhu”.He might have lived his past years as a theif,but he has got some vulnerable motives to become like that. He would have never known that his path is similar to a cloud wandering here and there to become some good rain.

Few people,incidents change our lives. Meeting Abhiram is one such important incident that had happened in Seenu’s life.Upto that time,nobody has shown such magnanimity towards him. He has become a better person after that and says “Rendu pootla bhojanam petti, Konchem nammakam ivvu, manishi ante etla untaado choopisthaanu”. Like Hanuman accompanies Rama in his journey to search sita, Gaali seenu accompanies Abhiram in his journey through thick and thin.

Loyality is a precious stone, so is the goodness. Here is 🍸 to Gaali seenu and Abhiram’s friendship, to the people whose unconditional sacrifices result of other’s good. From one end his journey resembles to us of Valmiki, of Hanuman from the other end, moreover he resembles to us as a beautiful bike running with the fuel made of pure human spirit. He might be a bike robber in the past, but sometimes a wrong bike can take us/him to the right destination.

“Thappulu andharu chesthaaru, thyaagalu maathram kondhare cheyagalaru”.

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